How To Get Free Wii Points Codes

Free Wii Points Codes are one of the most wanted, and least found items on the internet right now. But a lucky few stumble across this site and find out how easy getting Free Wii Points Card Numbers can be. Because this is the only site that can show you how to get a Free Wii Points Code legaly and completely free. And if that was not enough I can show you how to do it Fast. So if you choose to use this site I can guarantee you will have a Free Wii Points Code, easy and fast, and and never spend a single penny to get it.

The first thing that I would recommend trying to get your free wii points is downloading the file below. I have provided a few codes that I have received and have uploaded them to give you a chance to upload them for you to download. These are a few codes that I got myself and am sharing with you. If the codes don't work, either download the file again another day, or continue reading down below here to get the codes yourself the same way that I do it.

Download the file here!

Last Updated: 5/15 (note that the codes are usually still available for 3 or 4 days after being updated!)
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Is Getting Free Wii Points Codes Legal?

The very simple answer to that is, Yes. The way it works is, Rewards1 (the site that gives you the Free Wii Points Code) gets paid to have its members view ads, take surveys, or even play games. Then they in turn pay you a large portion of what they receive to do this. And you use that to get your Free Wii Points Code, Free Itunes Gift Card or what ever else you want from

Is There Proof That This Works?

Of coarse there is check out our Free Wii Points Code Proof Page to view a few of the thousands of prizes earned every day. One of the first pictures is of my first Free Wii Points Code that I got from this site. Since then I have earned many other things including Free Itunes Gift Cards, Free Wii Games and Cash.

Getting Started

To get started, sign up for a free account to get your free wii points codes here.

**After Signing up and verifying your email you will receive 250 Bonus Points and more information on how to most easily get your Free Wii Points Code**

Sign up for this site is the same as any other site out there, just fill out some basic info and confirm you your email. But make sure you use real info because that is how they will send you your Free Wii Points Code to you.

Get Your Free Wii Points Codes

!Get PrizesThis is the part that you have been waiting for. Once you have earned enough points for your Free Wii Points Code, just click spend points, then choose Free Wii Points Code, Free Itunes Gift Cards or whatever else sells. And they will send it to you.